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Bachelor of Business

Please read, complete and sign the below.


I have provided the following supporting documentation (tick as applicable):


In affixing my signature in acceptance of this Conditional Offer of Enrolment, I declare that:

  • I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this Conditional Offer of Enrolment, including the Conditions and important information. These relate to my individual obligations (and those of the College) under the related Australian Commonwealth and State Regulations and all standards, policies and procedures established by the College.

  • I understand that I must satisfy the conditions of the offer before course commencement, including submitting any additional documentation required by the College. You understand that if you have not satisfied these conditions by the course commencement date, you cannot commence the course, and the College may cancel the offer.  

  • The academic documents I have submitted (Academic Transcript, Testamur and/or Graduation or Completion Certificate) of my studies are genuine.

  • The information I have provided is correct and complete. I authorise the College to contact and obtain information from any educational institution that I currently or have previously attended to verify the authenticity of the documentation used to determine my eligibility for admission. If any of the information supplied by me is considered to be untrue, misleading or incomplete, the College has the right to cancel my enrolment.

  • I understand that I must start on the date specified as the Course Start Date and that I must have a written agreement with the College to arrive at any other date as failure to do so may result in my enrolment being cancelled.

  • I understand that this written agreement, and the right to make complaints and seek appeals of decisions and action under various processes as set out in the College Student Complaints and Appeals Policy, does not affect my rights as a student to take action under the Australian Consumer Law if the Australian Consumer Law applies.

  • I understand that personal information is collected about me during my dealings with the College to meet the College’s obligations under Australian law. This information can, in certain circumstances, be provided by the College to the Australian Government and designated authorities. The College may disclose personal information about a student to the Commonwealth including the Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS), or state or territory agencies, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. In other instances, information collected during a student’s enrolment can be disclosed without the student’s consent where authorised or required by law.


Your enrolment with ICAT will be conditional until the receipt of the following documents:

  • You will have completed Year 12 in 2023 and be able to provide evidence of successful completion

  • Proof of age. You will be 18 years of age or will turn 18 in the first year of study. 

  • If you selected yes to an existing medical condition, you will need to provide medical documentation to support this so ICAT is aware of your circumstances.

  • If you selected yes to reasonable adjustments, you will need to provide supporting evidence so that your application can be reviewed.

Disclaimer – If you fail to complete your year 12 studies, you may still be eligible for pathway entry into one of our programs so please contact to discuss.

Tick as applicable:

I authorise the College to seek appropriate medical care for me in the event of circumstances during on-campus classes requiring urgent medical care when it is not possible to contact my parent/guardian or next of kin.

Tick as applicable:

Parent or Legal Guardian (if student is under 18 years of age at time of signing):

Success! You have accepted your offer of study for 2023. One of the team will be in touch shortly.

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